How to cure a Hangover

Hangover means suffering from a headache, dizziness, sickness, sleepiness, tiredness, and thirst. The most common cause of the hangover is drinking (alcohol) a lot. The main question is how to cure a hangover, to cure hangover you should know its causes, symptoms so that you can identify that you are really suffering from the hangover.

How to cure a Hangover

Causes of Hangover:

Hangover is usually caused by drinking too much Alcohol but some people also suffer from the hangover by drinking a little amount of Alcohol.

Urination and Dehydration:

Alcohol increases urine production and causes imbalance in the body. It leads to dehydration and a person suffer from thirst, headache, lightheadedness (sensitive to light), and dizziness.

Stomach Issues:

Drinking Alcohol can increase the production of stomach acids and decrease the rate of an emptying stomach. It can cause pain in stomach or vomiting.

Response of Immune System:

Excess intake of alcohol may lead to immune deficiency and certain diseases. It can lead to liver damage and pneumonia. It may affect appetite and memory.

Blood Vessels Dilation:

Moderate amount of alcohol cause dilation of blood vessels to a small extent which improves circulation and body become warm. But too much intake of alcohol causes too much dilation in blood vessels which can affect blood pressure of the body. It can also lead to a headache.

Fall in Blood Sugar:

Moderate amount of alcohol may cause an increase in blood sugar while the excess amount of alcohol can cause the drop in blood sugar which can be to the dangerous levels especially for people suffering from diabetes. Sweet wines contain carbohydrates which increase blood sugar. It can cause shakiness, tiredness, weakness and mood disturbance.


Drinking alcohol makes you sleepy and makes you fall asleep quicker and deeper but the sleep quality can be poor. You may wake up tired and still sleepy. It can reduce your rapid eye movement.

Alcohol and Congeners:

Many alcohols contain congeners which are used to give flavor to alcoholic drinks. It is present in whiskey, Vodka, and Gin etc. Congeners include esters and aldehydes which can cause the hangover too.

Symptoms of Hangover:

An alcohol hangover consists of many symptoms which may include some of the mentioned below.

  • Dizziness (Not able to Balance or Feeling Faint)
  • Thirst (Due to Dehydration feeling thirsty)
  • Shakiness (Not able to control Body)
  • Mood Disturbance (Feeling disturbed or not well)
  • Lightheadedness (Sensitive to light or feeling faint)
  • Vomiting or Stomach Pain
  • Anxiety (feeling worried or nervousness)
  • Dispersed (Unable to concentrate)
  • Poor Sleep (Awaking Tired or Sleepy)
  • Rapid Heartbeats (Acceleration in Heartbeat)
  • Low Body temperatures (Decrease in body temperature or feeling cold)


Treatment or Remedies:

  • Drink juices to give yourself vitamins boost and also drink water to decrease the effect of dehydration.
  • Eating is also important in such situation. Eat bread which will increase your blood pressure and is also easy to digest by the stomach. Fructose containing foods such as corn syrup, honey, nectar, molasses, maple syrup, fruit and fruit juices may help the alcohol more rapidly.
  • Painkillers may give you relieve but some painkillers may cause more problems such as taking Aspirin can damage your stomach. If you are unsure about it consult the doctor.
  • Rest is very important in such situation. If you are able to take sleep it will help you to get rid of hangover more rapidly.

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