Pain in Lower Left Abdomen! Causes & Treatment

When people feel pain on their left or right lower abdomen, they start to think that its appendix. Pain in the lower left abdomen has many other causes.

Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Causes of in lower left abdomen:

There is one thing in the mind of everyone that pain in abdomen either on the right side or left is because of the appendix. Pain in right lower abdomen starting from the belly button can be appendix if pain is unbearable. Pain in the lower left abdomen has many other reasons except appendix.


Constipation is caused by low-fiber contents, and it causes the pain in the lower left abdomen. Pain is continuous but at the same place. In the appendix, the pain starts from belly button and moves toward right lower abdomen and increase. Dirking less water can cause pain in the lower left abdomen or insufficient food, skipping meals can also be the cause of pain in the lower left abdomen.

Urinary tract disorder:

The pain in the lower abdomen can also be caused by urinary tract disorder; infection in the urinary tract can cause pain during urination and the continuous urge to urinate. These are an abnormal microbial infection that affects the excretory system that comprises bladder, and kidney.

Kidney disorders:

Kidney disorder refers to stone in the kidney or kidney stone. Stone in the kidney can be formed because of the high amount of uric acid and calcium in the body. Dehydration or drinking less water on a daily basis can also trigger kidney stone. Symptoms of kidney stones are fever, vomit, nausea, and growing pain in the lower left abdomen. Another cause of pain in lower left abdomen can be the infection in kidney, which starts from the bladder and gradually spread to the kidney. Burning sensation while is a symptom of kidney infection.

Bowel related condition:

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are also causes of pain in the lower left abdomen. Rectal bleeding, diarrhea,and vomiting are symptoms of Crohn’s disease, and it can cause continuous pain in lower abdomen. Lower abdomen pain can also be the reason of irritable bowel syndrome. It is related with unusual gut contraction. Other symptoms of bowel related pain are passing stools with mucus, irregular bowel movement, flatulence, and cramping.

Some other causes of abdomen pain involve gallstones, pancreatitis,  food poisoning, indigestion, lactose intolerance, ulcer, hepatitis, cancer, hernia, gastroenteritis etc.


This condition is commonly found in elders or senior citizens. It feels like a sharp pain in the lower left abdomen. Symptoms of diverticulitis are:

  • A steady or suddenly triggered pain in lower abdomen
  • Fever
  • Swelling in lower left abdomen
  • Diarrhea with bright red blood


Women condition:

Women can face pain in the lower left abdomen because of ectopic pregnancy. There can be other causes for pain like a luteal cyst or expand uterus among others.The growth of tissues lining outside the uterine cavity can lead to pain in lower abdomen on the left side; it can also cause irritation. It can also lead to constipation and diarrhea.

How to deal with left abdomen pain?

Lower abdomen pain needs a medical checkup. If you have blood in your vomit, difficult bowel movement so you need to be careful,and a visit to your family doctor might be helpful. You also need to make some lifestyle changes like drinking more water, eat healthily and go for walk or exercise. It will help you resolving issues you facing with your kidney infection and it will lower the risk of kidney stone. That is all about the pain in the lower left abdomen.

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