How to Quit Smoking Easily

how to quit smoking

Smoking is a process of inhaling the smoke containing nicotine. Quitting smoking is not an easy task. It requires whole process and determination. Nicotine in the cigarettes is highly addictive. This is also dangerous for the smoker and the people around him. You may like to quit smoking but don’t know where to start. The first step is preparing you for quitting. You can do it easily with the right plan. You can also become one of those who has stopped smoking for good.

Reasons to Smoke:

There are some triggers that activate your smoking habit. These triggers may be the smell of cigarette smoke, or anxiety or something else. Smoking can also become a daily routine. You might be addicted to smoke after taking a meal, in a break from work, and getting up in the morning. There is also the possibility that your friends, family member or colleague smokes so join them. If you really want to quit smoking, you’ll need to control all the above possibilities in your life.

Why Quit Smoking?

how to quit smoking easily

Now I will explain why you should quit smoking. The answer is just for your health. About 480,000 deaths are caused yearly because of smoking in the United States. Smoking is a really bad habit. It doesn’t affect only you but will also destroy the lives of your beloved ones. They will also become a victim because they are also inhaling the smoke in the air.You can also quit for your look. For example, your teeth will become white, there will be no bad smell in your breath, your finger and nails will no longer be yellow. Some of the worse diseases that results due to smoking are:

  • Lung Cancer: Cancer can be caused anywhere in the whole body because of smoking but the most common one is lung cancer which takes most lives yearly. About 87% of people who suffer from lung cancer are addicted to Cigarettes.
  • Heart Problems: Nearly 20% heart-related deaths are because of smoking. It can increase blood pressure and reduce the amount of oxygen from the body.
  • Stroke: Carbon decreases the amount of Oxygen from the body and also damage arteries which affect the blood and oxygen supply to the brain due to it stroke occurs and it is fourth most common disease in the USA.
  • Reproduction Problems: Smoking can also cause issues during pregnancy, the newborn can suffer through asthma and heart diseases if their mother continues smoking during pregnancy. Babies can also have a low weight.
  • Asthma: It’s a disease which causes breathing issues and difficulties during breathing mostly occurs because of chronic lungs. Smoking can trigger it and the patient can suffer through asthma attacks and about 25 Million Americans suffer from this disease.


Smoking will ultimately affect your mind. Your blood flow will be normal in few days, your mind will work better and you will feel fresh every time. Your sense will become normal so you can smell and taste properly. You will feel good health. The biggest benefit of quitting is that years will be added to your life after stopping to smoke.

Steps to Quit Smoking:

quit smoking

Now, let’s discuss how can you quit smoking. The first step is to determine, why you want to quit smoking? Find answer of this question. Let’s assume you want to quit for your and your family’s health. Now it’s time to take action. If you are thinking to quit but you are not taking action nothing will happen and you will never quit. So you should have a strong reason to quit smoking and take strict action on your plan to quit.

When you are all set to quit. You should identify your triggers now. For identifying it’s better to tell your friend so it would be easy to identify when you smoke. Note these things when you smoke: time, carving intensity, your work, your feelings, who was with you and what you feel after smoke. Note all these on a copy every time you will smoke.  Then you will come to know when you smoke. You may be habitual to smoking or may smoke in unpleasant and overwhelming feelings.

When you come to know the times when you smoke. Now you can start quitting. You should take these steps to quit:

  • Fix a date of quitting on which date you expect to stop smoking.
  • Tell your family and friends that you are quitting they will help you by stopping you from smoking. This will be called behavioral therapy in which others will help you to quit.
  • Face the difficulties in quitting. For example, you may feel the desire to have one cigarette at any time but be determined.
  • Remove cigarette and other smoking products from your home and your places and replace them with the healthy foods.
  • Don’t buy any more cigarette. It will help you when you will feel thirst you will not have any cigarette.
  • There are chances that you cannot stop when you are in the bad mode so try not to smoke in good mode also.
  • Keep yourself busy for example, play games when you are free after work instead of smoking.
  • You can also use nicotine replacements. Lots of nicotine replacements are available in the market you can use one. But it will be good if you use with doctor’s permission.
  • You can also contact the doctor for medication. Follow the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • You can also use two treatments at the same time. It will increase the chances of quitting. For example, you can use behavioral therapy and medicines at the same time.


The whole process of quitting will depend on few things, the number of cigarettes you smoke daily, the number of people you smoke with, reasons of smoking. These things will determine when you will quit.You may start smoking again. Smoking after quitting is called “relapse”. You don’t need to worry for this. It happens to most of the people. If you are having troubles then ask for help. But try to reduce the amount of smoking as possible. I have already described stopping is a different task it requires some time. Don’t think you are failed to quit. Some people have to quit for many times then they become successful.

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