Stage 4 Throat Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Cancer is usually defined as uncontrolled growth of abnormal and harmful cells. Throat cancer is cancer of vocal cords, cancer of voice box and tonsils etc. Throat cancer is rare as compared to other types of cancers. Stage 4 throat cancer is the most critical and has the lowest survival rates. Throat cancer is categorized into two groups:

  • Pharyngeal Throat Cancer: It takes place in the Pharynx (It is soft part which connects nose and mouth to esophagus (carries food)
  • Laryngeal Cancer: It takes place in Larynx (Voice Box)Stage 4 Throat Cancer

Stages of Throat Cancer:

There are four Stages of Throat Cancer depending upon their damage and survival rate. It’s difficult to detect throat cancer in its early stages. Different procedures such as CT scan and MRI are used to determine stages and damage.

  • Stage 1  Cancer (Stage 1 is small and limited to throat) – Survival Rate: 90%
  • Stage 2  Cancer (Stage 2 spreads more than stage 1 but still remains in throat) – Survival Rate: 74%
  • Stage 3  Cancer (Stage 3 spreads much more and spread out of throat) – Survival Rate: 56%
  • Stage 4  Cancer (Stage 4 spreads beyond throat and it’s the most critical condition) – Survival Rate: 44%

Causes of Throat Cancer:

Throat cancer is more common in men as compared to women. Some habits or things increase risk of throat cancer such as:

  • Smoking can cause throat cancer
  • Alcohol intakes can cause throat cancer.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can cause throat cancer.
  • Bad Dental condition can cause throat cancer.


Symptoms of Throat Cancer:

Throat cancer is difficult to diagnose in its early stages however some symptoms of throat cancer are:

  • Suffering from Ear Pain.
  • Suffering from Sore Throat.
  • Having troubles during Swallowing.
  • Suffering from Coughing.
  • Suffering from hoarseness (Voice Change)
  • Wheezing (suffering from breathing problems)


Treatment for Throat Cancer:

Treatment of throat cancer depends on the condition of cancer or damaged caused by cancer. Some of them are:

  • Surgery: If the tumor is small and didn’t spread much then the doctor may remove it surgically in the hospital.
  • Radiation: After checking condition doctor may recommend radiation therapy. In it, high-energy rays are used to destroy infected cells.
  • Chemotherapy: If your throat cancer is in a critical stage and spread to different organs then the doctor will prefer chemotherapy along radiation therapy. It is the usage of a drug that kills and slows down the growth of infected cells.
  • Rehabilitation: Throat cancer treatment can cause some complications such as swallowing problems, speaking problems, neck pain. If you are suffering from any of them after treatment consult doctor for further help.



There are no specific ways determined to prevent yourself from throat cancer but you can follow some steps to decrease risk of throat cancer:

  • Smoking: Throat cancer is not caused by smoking in all cases but smoking is closely linked to throat cancer. You have to stop smoking if you do. Stopping smoking is difficult you can consult a doctor for it. Smoking can cause healing problems, decrease the effect of healing, increase the risk of getting cancer.
  • Alcohol: The risk of throat cancer becomes too much if alcohol is combined with smoking. Stop drinking, it can reduce chances of cancer.
  • Healthy fruits: Vitamins can decrease chances of throat cancer. Use a variety of color fruits.
  • HPV Protection: Sometimes throat cancer is caused by HPV. It can be caused by sexual activities, you can reduce it by limiting your sexual activities.

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